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Alien Pictures, Alien Drawings

We have many alien pictures for you, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see the page numbers for all the pages of alien pictures.

In this section of our website we will demonstrate to you how many ancient and recent photographs seem to point to one very obvious yet extraordinary conclusion. That aliens did in fact visit us in ancient times and they have visited us in recent times as well.

This first page of alien pictures focuses on aliens that visited ancient egypt, often called the Nephilim alien species, these aliens really were amazing. Their brains are quite large, so they must have been pretty smart and educated.

There are lots of amazing artifacts in Egypt, statues, stone carvings, temples, etc. We will look at some pictures of these artifacts in our ancient artifacts section , these artifacts seem to point to something out of the ordinary.

Alien Picture 1:

In this picture we see two naked beings with long stretched out skulls. These 2 people also have sleek narrow necks. If you look closely you will notice that they also have long slender fingers.

This being is depicted in several different places in Ancient Egypt, and many of Ancient Egypt`s customs and traditional practices are based on these 2 beings as we will see in a moment.

It is widespread knowledge that Ancient Egyptians mutilated their skulls by using certain objects to stretch their skulls, to look like the ones in this photograph. I am not saying that is not true... The thing you have to ask yourself is why did the egyptians adopt this practice. Because... Aliens visited Egypt and they were probably taken for gods, and naturally the egyptians wanted to be like them.

In modern times we have teen idols and movie stars. Many people go out of their way to be like them. It is the same thing in this case. In the egyptians` eyes the gods were perfect. They did everything to be like them, including modifying their skull`s shape. The picture below is a genuine picture of the aliens that visited Egypt in my opinion. This picture dates back to more then 1300 years BC. That may have been the period that aliens were in Ancient Egypt.

Egypt and Aliens

Alien Picture 2:

In this stone tablet we see two beings which appear to be very tall and slender. Each has a baby with them, the woman has two. Notice the similarity with these 2 beings and the 2 beings in the preceding picture. Look closely at the pictures of the babies and how their skulls are also elongated. The hats the two adults are wearing are probably hiding elongated skulls as well.

In fact our belief is that Egyptians that came after these aliens visited Egypt copied the aliens and started making crowns or hats if you will like the ones the aliens wore. In fact they probably copied many of the things that the aliens did.

Ancient Egyptians knew a lot about astronomy, mathematics, and science. The obvious question is where did they learn all that stuff, sure some of it they learned on their own. However the bulk of it and the most technical and amazing stuff probably came from their alien teachers. The people in the stone tablet below. There may have been many of these aliens in Egypt. Who knows.

They may also have shown the Egyptians how to build pyramids and temples based on mathematical and geometric principles. This is the most obvious way to see things in my opinion. A ton of important knowledge like the knowledge the egyptians had didn`t just come out of thin air. It came from somewhere, and this is the probable place it came from. Like they say if you have run out of logical conclusions, it is probably something out of the ordinary that is the conclusion. Scientists and historians LOVE to say that it was probably the Egyptians who discovered all the knowledge. Why shouldn`t they of, they say.

Well, it is like seeing Fred Flinstone go from stone age to new age today.

It just doesn`t wash. It is a contrast that is too steep.

Aliens in Egypt

Alien Picture 3:


This picture is of a famous Egyptian queen. Notice the elongated skull. Now think for a bit here. What better explanation is there for Egyptians wearing long elongated hats and crown then the Egyptians copying the aliens that visited them.

It just makes perfect sense. If the aliens wore the hats, and they were intelligent and sophisticated, why shouldn`t the Egyptians copy them, they were cool, let`s copy them.

If you don`t have an elongated skull these hats wouldn`t have been very practical. In fact the Egyptians probably designed them for themselves a little differently then the actual hats worn by the aliens.

In conclusion: I would like to say that if you look at Ancient Egypt for a second you will notice that a lot of very important data (mathematical, geometry, etc.) seems to have come to them quite quickly, out of nowhere.

They also started having kings and queens and making the kings and queens wear special crowns to make them look like the aliens of the past.

It just makes sense that aliens visited Ancient Egypt. The evidence is there, if you look at it in the right context.

Egypt Alien Picture 4:

Egypt Aliens

Notice the shape of the head of the alien driving the chariot. This is not normal, usually when egyptians carved tablets they put normal size heads for their egyptians. This very well could be a real alien portrayed in this tablet. This tablet though, is not as convincing as the other pictures on this very page. But if you study this image their is some good evidence that this was no ordinary egyptian.

If you study this picture you will notice the neck of the being driving the chariot is very slender like in the other images, more proof that this was no ordinary egyptian. The main characteristics of these aliens in Ancient Egypt are the long slender hands, the slender neck, and the elongated skull. If they had a skull this long they probably had very large brains, this would mean they were probably extremely smart.

Maya El Baul Stela - Featuring an Ancient Astronaut

The Maya El Baul Stela featured above depicts a Mayan who appears to be wearing some sort of head gear, possibly a helmet. Attached to the helmet looking apparatus is a tube which makes it's way to the back of the Mayan figure. This could be some sort of breathing tube attached to the helmet. The helmet has a wide opening for the eyes to look through. It is no secret that the Mayans were astronomers and knew mathematics and many advanced concepts. Where did they learn all this academic knowledge. Could they have come from the stars and brought that knowledge with them here. Many people believe that today's mathematics and astronomy basics were started in the times when the Mayans were around. The figure in this photograph also appears to be wearing some sort of gloves, just like an astronaut would wear. Some people that have studied this stela believe that one of the two round glyphs in the stela indicate the Pleiades star cluster. Could this be where the Mayans came from? Several other ancient artifacts seem to hint at the Pleiades star cluster too according to some researchers. Some Sumerian artifacts depict stars, usually 7 of them, and to many this means they are talking about Pleiades.


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