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Alien Pictures, Alien Drawings

Here are some cool pictures of aliens. Many of these alien pictures appear to be genuine, while some may not be. Inside this collection of alien pictures are also some alien drawings. Some people sometimes see aliens or think they saw an alien, and then they make a drawing of what they saw. This is a pretty big collection of pictures that is complete, enjoy the pictures.

The Grey Alien

Here is some detailed information on the grey aliens.

It is widely believed that grey aliens cannot reproduce like humans do. Grey aliens
use cloning to reproduce. It is unknown as to how long they can live, but it is thought that they have very long life spans.

Grey aliens or greys as many call them are small bodied, sexless beings with smooth grey skin, enlarged heads and large eyes. The origin of the idea of the Grey is commonly associated with the Betty and Barney Hill abduction claim.

Greys have no hair on their bodies, and their skulls are a different shape then our`s.
This is partly due to their brain size and the size of their eyes, their very small noses or slits also make their skulls a different size then our`s.

The grey aliens were made popular in the 1980`s thanks in whole to the alleged crash landing of a flying saucer in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

Witnesses of the crash landing claimed to have seen the military handling a number of bald, child-sized corpses. The witnesses said that the bodies had over-sized heads and slanted eyes, with mixed views about other facial features.

In 1987, a popular novelist named Whitley Strieber published the book Communion, in which he describes a number of close encounters he purports to have experienced with Greys and other extraterrestrial beings.

Many people throughout the past 30 years or so have claimed to have been abducted by grey aliens. Many people have sketched out what they recall from their abductions, and the drawings often resemble the grey alien.

Many people think that the grey aliens are responsible for cattle mutilations and other experiments on livestock, and on humans. There have been a number of commercials and movies that portray the grey aliens doing this sort of mischief.

The grey alien has been featured in several movies and TV shows like the famous tv show Stargate SG-1, where they are known as the Asgard.

Apparently their are two distinct types of grey aliens. Shorter grey aliens and taller grey aliens.

Several ufologists and abduction researchers believe that taller Grey aliens, with their reported increased authority and apparently more complex psychology may be the only Grey alien type to be biologically alive, and that the shorter form of grey alien could be rtificially constructed robots or cyborg servants.

Some conspiracy theorists believe that Grey aliens represent part of a government-led disinformation, or that they are a product of government mind control experiments. Dr. Steven Greer, founder of the Disclosure Project, head of the CSETI group, and a prominent UFO conspiracy theorist, has publicly presented over 400 "government, military, and intelligence community witnesses" that have offered testimony to the existence of aliens and UFO and/or efforts to cover up their existence and who have stated that they would be willing to defend their claims under oath.

As a whole I would say that this pretty much covers the description of the grey aliens.

Here are some good pictures of grey aliens, some of the pictures are drawings or sketches while others are supposedly real grey alien pictures. We leave it to you to judge whether or not they are real alien pictures of fakes.

grey alienThis is a very popular picture of a grey alien. Many websites claim that this is a genuine picture of a grey alien actually caught on camera. This may be true, in any respect it makes for a great picture, and it has created a lot of controversy.


Here is the same picture but with somewhat better quality.

alien photo


This is another popular picture of a grey alien. It has been on the internet for a while now.

alien picture

Here is a picture of one of the actual corpses found at the Roswell, New Mexico Crash.

roswell alien photo

Here is a good drawing of a grey alien. The author is unknown, however this drawing has been made to be very popular online, as a drawing that was made from someone that was abducted by grey aliens.


Alleged photo of small Grey Alien

In the late summer of 1994, R. Dean attended an international UFO conference in Mexico City. As always when attending such gatherings, he was delighted to network, investigate, and visit with old friends and fellow researchers. Robert was always pleased to discover what I consider to be new and legitimate bits and pieces of evidence.

The following photo was given to Robert by a trusted and respected UFO investigator that he has always found to be honest and straight forward.

As always with disinformation and purposeful misinformation flooding the field, I tread cautiously. However, considering the source as well as authentic photographs Rober has previously examined while in the military, many believe this photo to be a legitimate picture of an ET.

et image


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