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Ancient artifacts that defy logic, and prove aliens visited us

Wooden airplane, egypt

Airplane model found in a tomb in Saqqara, Egypt. This object is estimated to be from the year 200 bc. This object was discovered in 1898 and thrown into a box and labeled wooden bird model. Airplanes weren`t around in 1898 so they didn`t make the connection with the object and airplanes.

What is quite remarkable about this object is that it has very advanced aerodynamics built into it`s conception. Whoever scaled and built this model obviously had some idea of what he was doing. This is the conclusion reached by scientists who studied this object.


The Aztec Calendar

Aztec Calendar

The aztec calendar or "sun stone" as it is also known is a 365 day calendar designed by the Aztecs and used by the pre Columbian peoples of ancient Mexico. The original actec calendar is a huge 12 foot long stone slab, since the original many smaller versions were made. The sun stone is similar to the Mayan calendar, however it is not quite as precise as the mas precise as the mayan calendar.

The main question we should be asking ourselves is where did these somewhat primitive peoples receive all this knowledge about the stars, the cycles of the year, and other important astrological information.

And also where did the mayans who were earlier then the Aztec receive all their mathematical, and astronomical information. The most logical explanation is that someone showed them all this stuff, they were taught.. Who better to teach them then aliens who were highly intelligent. You see there seems to be a huge gap in history. People who were fairly primitive all of a sudden started having extensive astrological, astronomical, and mathematical knowledge.

Science today says that they may have developed this knowledge on their own. I find that hard to believe, you go from primitive to super smart in just a few years, it just doesn`t make sense. This is knowledge that is very highly developed, it had to have come from someone highly intelligent.


The Nazca Lines

Nazca Lines

The Nazca lines are ancient geoglyphs found in the Nazca desert in southern Peru. They are huge sketches or outlines of birds, fish, and animals. There are also many symmetrical lines and geometrical shapes throughout the vast array of the Nazca lines.

The shapes of animals, birds, and fish sketched in the Nazca desert can only be appreciated if you are above them in the sky, they are so large there is no way to appreciate their design from on the ground, they are too big.

So the question we need to ask ourselves is why create something that can only be seen from the sky. And let`s not kid ourselves, they did this on a massive scale, there are a LOT of drawings in Nazca, and a lot of symmetrical shapes and lines. Many of the lines drawn are extremely precise and straight and cover vast distances. Creating a straight line that covers over 1 kilometer is very hard even today, imagine in 400 AD which is when they were created.

Here is what we think about the Nazca lines. Probably the people of Nazca had some help in creating the Nazca lines, or perhaps they weren`t even made by the ancient primitive people of Peru. Perhaps they were created by Aliens. They drew the animals, birds, fish, and insect shapes to let other aliens passing by in ships as to what there was on this planet in terms of animal life.

That is one explanation that makes better sense of why they were created, it gives the Nazca lines a more practical explanation. Or possibly aliens visiting us wanted to have some fun and draw some art, and they decided to etch out the nazca lines for artistic purposes. Only people in the sky can appreciate them, so it is wise to realize that they were created for alien eyes.

As for the straight lines and geometrical patterns, many think these may have been ancient runways for alien vessels. While this is a possibility it doesn`t seem like the most logical assumption in my view.

Maybe the creators of the Nazca lines had some geometrical ideas or principals and they sketched them out on the Nazca lines, maybe the lines have a purpose, maybe they mean something, something we haven`t figured out yet.

Nazca Alien

This glyph is of an alien looking being with big buggy eyes. Could this be a portrait of the alien race that created the Nazca lines. Very possible. Maybe he is just saying "Hi humans, we created this, enjoy!"

Nazca alien

Many elongated and strange skulls have been found in Mexico and Peru. This is one of the skulls. This finding supports our argument about ancient aliens with elongated skulls. Other similar skulls have been found from across the globe.

Elongated Skull

Deformed skulls photographed in the Museo Regional de Ica.

Skulls Ica

Easter Island

Easter Island

On Easter Island there are many huge statues of stone. They were created a very long time ago by an ancient people. How they managed to create them is a mystery. To lift stones this big today it would take a crane. It is said that the ancient people who created them were a tribe called the `birdmen`.

What that means is left to the imagination. In my opinion the people who created them had the means to fly. In other words they posessed advanced technology that allowed them to create such huge works of stone. They may have posessed an ancient technology that enable them to life these heavy blocks of stone. Maybe they could even fly like birds with some unknown technology.


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