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Ancient Cave Art That Holds Possible Proof of Aliens Visiting Earth

Below is a cave painting from Italy which apparently dates back to 10,000 BC. It depicts 2 beings, 1 inside the other, the arms of the larger being seem to be holding the smaller being by the wrists. Notice the alien looking eyes of the larger being. This is a very strange image, and very well could be a drawing of ancient aliens.

Cave Painting

The Yei are supernatural Holy People who communicate between the Navaho and their gods. They are usually shown carrying pine boughs, yucca strips and rattles in healing ceremonies. Each petroglyph is hand crafted reflecting images and messages inspired by the Ancient Ones. Native stones are carefully selected for each petroglyph with no two alike.


The following image of cave art shows what were called the star gods. Could this mean they came from the stars, maybe they were aliens, and the people who drew the cave art meant to let future people know they were aliens. Notice their heads and bodies and how different they are from our own bodies. Notice the big eyes of the figures in the cave art.

hopi cave art

algeria cave art

In Jabbaren, in the Tassili mountains, Algeria, south of the Hoggar. A 6m high character with a large round decorated head. The massive body, the strange dressing, the folds around the neck and on the chest suggest some ancient time astronaut. A similar character is painted at Sfar in the Tassili, in the Cabro caves in France and in several other places. Some of them are much smaller and raise their hands towards a giant being, of non human appearance, sometimes these "round heads" being seem to hover in the air. From 6000 B.C.

In this ancient rock art, we see 3 beings with large eyes and a strange shaped skull. Could these be drawings of real aliens from a time long ago. This rock art comes from Australia, and is estimated to be very old.

cave paintings

A plate from Nepal, the decoration show a saucer-like shape and a large headed humanoid. From 3000 B.C.

nepal plate


This photo comes from a still shot off the recent History Channel special entitled "UFOs: Then and Now". It is an ancient cave drawing.

ancient ufo

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