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Dugway Proving Ground, Experiments with Alien Technology

In the present, Dugway Proving Ground encompasses 798,855 acres. It is one of America's largest and most secretive military bases,it currently has over 30 military contractors on site.

There is no independant oversight on Dugway. That means they can pretty well do what they damn well please. The Dugway Proving Ground has been known to do biological and chemical testing and they are a biohazard that needs to be stopped and thoroughly investigated. However at the present no one can do that, they can`t be touched, the security on Dugway is heavy and it is inpenetrable.

Dugway can`t be trusted on its own to carry out the numerous bizarre tests it is doing, these tests also include radiological tests, and many claim that Dugway is testing secret aircraft that have been designed using alien technology.

The public has a right to know what is going on at the Dugway Proving Ground. Many ufo sightings have been reported around the Dugway site, many are quite vivid and filled with details.

It is no secret that the Dugway Proving Ground is the new Area 51.

The Dugway Proving Ground liest 80 miles southwest of Salt Lake City. Dugway is one of the spookiest places you`ll find, at night you can see and hear some freaky stuff at Dugway. That is if you can get close enough without running into any trouble.

Recently I saw a tv show about ufos, and they did a feature story on the Dugway Proving Ground. There was an eye witness who has been hanging around Dugway a lot, and he reports having had several sightings of strange phenomenon. He saw a strange craft in the sky above Dugway and says it shot out some kind of strange laser beam straight into the sky.

Could this be some kind of strange new laser technology the army is testing. The eye witness also reports having seen other strange phenomenon going on at Dugway. Apparently if you hang around Dugway long enough you are bound to see some strange activity in the area.

Here are a few pictures of the Dugway Proving Ground.

Dugway Proving Ground


Dugway Warning Signs


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