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First Contact With Aliens From Another World

Aliens could return to Earth at any time and make first contact with our species. There are several factors which may contribute to the fact that they haven`t done so recently. One of which is that many of the races which have flown close to Earth have noticed the pollution in our atmosphere, this detail may have repelled many aliens from landing and making contact with us.

Another possibility is that many aliens flying in our space may have lungs that are different to ours, or maybe they don`t even have lungs. Maybe they couldn`t survive in our atmosphere. Maybe our atmosphere would be toxic to them. There are several possibilities why they haven`t landed on Earth in a while. Maybe they are afraid of starting a war, or maybe they just find us too violent a race.

It could be that some species of aliens that know of us are planning an attack and they are just waiting for the right moment to attack us. There are probably several species of aliens, some friendly and some not so friendly. When you think of it though, if there were aliens planning to attack they probably would have done so already.

We are surely no match for an advanced race of aliens that are capable of inter stellar travel. We are probably very primitive compared to races of aliens capable of flying faster then the speed of light.

There is a movement called the Raelian movement which is a kind of cult if you will. The leader of this movement claims he made contact with an alien. He claims the alien landed in a small disc close to where he was working. It was an isolated region and no one else can back his claims up unfortunately. He claims to have spent several days with the alien, and they talked a great deal.

He was told to prepare and build an embassy to welcome them back to Earth. Their spaceship would land at this embassy. The leader of the Raelian movement claims that the alien he encountered looked full of love, the was very peaceful and well-to-do. If his story is true, then this is very encouraging, and it could bring profound change to Earth when they do land.

He even built the embassy to welcome the aliens back to Earth. Here are a couple of pictures of the embassy.

Rael Embassy

First Contact

Rael`s embassy would be the third temple as predicted in the ancient scriptures. According to the alien that Rael met, the area for the embassy must be in a neutral location that has neutral air space and that has been granted rights of extraterritoriality.

First contact with aliens could bring a whole new perspective to our world. We would finally know for certain that we are not alone in the universe. They could tell us all kinds of wonderful things about the cosmos and other worlds where people live.

It may even bring in a new era of peace. We would see ourselves more as a planet, and a people, we would be more united then ever. We would greet the aliens with leaders from all around the globe, and the aliens would probably encourage us to keep the peace on Earth.

Who knows when First contact with aliens will occurr. There have been hundreds of very credible ufo sightings throughout the years. Maybe the aliens are preparing for first contact with our species. Maybe our governments secretly know about aliens, and they have met them and they have turned them against us. Maybe that is why first contact with aliens hasn`t happened.

If that is the case maybe our governments are currently reestablishing a good relationship with them, and our governments could be working towards having the aliens go public on our world. The whole world would then know for sure that we are not alone.

The SETI program has been around for several years now, but has not had success. The Seti program uses radio telescopes to try and find radio signals that originate from other alien species. While this may be a good approach, it could take very long for a first contact to occur.

Another alternative which has promise is the fact that researchers are now finding new planets outside our own solar system. This is very exciting and it could lead to some amazing discoveries on planets that can support life. However knowing these planets exist and support life is great, but contacting them is another story. We don`t currently have any methods for deep space travel to reach these planets. We don`t have any other means of communication that could send a signal to these planets either.

The best option for first contact with aliens is probably them contacting us and making first contact.

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